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Top Blogging Sites

If you are just starting a blog, it is necessary to choose the right blogging platform. There are many blogging sites that offer free and paid platforms; I have listed some of them below. Most of the listed blogging websites are personally tried and tested by me to start a blog.


WordPress Blogging Platform

It is no doubt that WordPress is the undisputed king of blogging. It is a content management system but used widely to blog, create a business website or even an ecommerce store. WordPress offers two blogging platforms; “.com” version and “.org” version.

The “.com” version is hosted free at, but it comes with very little customization and paid upgrades. The “.org” version is also free but you need to have a web hosting to start your blog. The “.org” version can be customized as per your own requirements. Read Our “What is WordPress” Article to find difference between “.com” and “.org” platforms.

There are many blogging websites but WordPress is the best blogging platform. It powers almost 22% of the web blogosphere. I personally use “.org” platform here on my website as it offers much more customization.

WordPress Advantages:

  • WordPress is a full content management system and is known for its flexibility.
  • WordPress is free. You only need a domain name and web hosting to start your blog using WordPress.
  • It has a vast community of developers who provide thousands of plugins and themes to customize your blog’s look and feel as per your requirements without touching a single line of code.

WordPress Disadvantages:

  • WordPress is a very powerful blogging platform. It has almost all the tools required by a blogger. With so many tools, it can be little difficult to use for an average blogger who is just starting. However, there are excellent WordPress Tutorials that can help you learn WordPress in no time.
  • You need to have a domain name as well as web hosting to get started with this platform.


Blogger Blogging Platform

Blogger is also known as BlogSpot. Although this was the blogging platform I used when I started my first blog, I am not a huge fan of Blogger. It is a blogging website by Google. With Blogger you cannot customize your blog much without knowledge of HTML & coding. It does come with a widget system, but there are not enough options. Blogger is a free blogging website.

It is up to you if you want to use Blogger for your new blog; it is easy to create and publish posts, but as your blog grows, other blogging platforms may offer you much more customization options; thus making your life much easier.

Blogger Advantages:

  • Blogger is developed by Google, so monetization is easy as it comes with built-in Google AdSense Modules.
  • Blogger is the platform that brought blogging to the mainstream. It is around since 2000, hence is a stable product.
  • Easy to get started with.

Blogger Disadvantages:

  • There is not much when it comes to customization of your blog with blogger.
  • It can be difficult to use your own domain name with blogger.


Tumblr Blogging Platform

You know social networking and blogging. These two are just different things. However, Tumblr combines them both. It is partly a social networking platform, and partly a blogging platform.

If you wanted to write big blog posts containing several thousand words, Tumblr is not your cup of tea. It is known for its micro-blogging ability, and mostly used to create blog posts that contain more images, videos and gifs. If you want to be a blogger who don’t write big text posts, Tumblr is the way to go.

Tumblr is easy to setup and get started with. It also comes with a “reblog” function. The active Tumblr community uses this function to repost your articles with a click of a button on their own blog.

Tumblr Advantages:

  • It is very easy to publish a post with Tumblr. They also support post publishing via SMS, email or an audio message.
  • You can manage multiple blogs with Tumblr thanks to its control panel.
  • You get lot of themes to choose from.

Tumblr Disadvantages:

  • It is mainly used as micro-blogging site.
  • Lack of plugins.
  • Anybody can “Reblog” your post which devalues original content.


Squarespace Logo

Squarespace is a paid blogging platform. The biggest feature of Squarespace is the Layout Engine Technology, which enables you to customize your blog using drag and drop interface. You can start a blog using Squarespace for as low as $8 per month.

Squarespace Advantages:

  • Layout Engine helps you customize the blog without any knowledge of coding.
  • It offers lot of themes for easy customization.
  • You can import your blog from WordPress or Blogger with single click.
  • As the code is closed source, there are less chances of hacking.

Squarespace Disadvantages:

  • Limited Flexibility: As there is no developer community, you need to fully depend on Squarespace for any new feature or theme.
  • You cannot modify the backend code. So, it is not possible to tweak it as per your liking.

These are the four blogging websites I personally used. It does not mean that there are no more blogging websites, there actually are, but I created this list as these are the ones I like and would recommend to anyone starting a blog.

If you are into casual blogging, you can go with blogger. However, if you are serious about your blogging efforts and require a stable as well as professional blogging platform, I recommend the self hosted version of WordPress.

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